Land Ark Draper RV Cabin

At this point, just about everyone has heard of the tiny house trend — there are even multiple TV shows about it. And that makes it hard for individual homes to really stand out against the crowded arena. But it’s certainly not a problem for Land Ark and their remarkably gorgeous Draper tiny cabin.

Featuring an asymmetrical silhouette reminiscent of the best parts of mid-century design, this stunning towable tiny home is truly...

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El Boldo House By Sun Arquitectos

Ask a 2nd grader to draw you a house and they’ll likely sketch out something to this effect; a single box with a triangle on top. For the most part, we all retain this pretty basic idea of what a home should look like (though our ability to draw them likely improves). The team at Sun Arquitectos, however, have a much more radical vision – as is displayed by their El Boldo House.

Located in Zapallar Bay, Chile, the home rests...

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Anyone who ever climbed a tree as a kid knows how exhilarating it feels when you get five, ten, twenty plus feet up in a big oak or elm. It’s really like nothing else. No wonder tree houses are so popular among kids – it extends that feeling of floating for that much longer. Entices you into thinking you could live there forever. Well, with this Floating Cabin by Snohetta, you may technically could.

This stunning home looks,...

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A circa 50 km da Berlino, in Germania, il paesaggio diventa un po rurale e monotono. Tuttavia, in questa parte del paese deserto e aspro, l'architetto Peter Grundmann è riuscito a creare una dimora-foresta che è sia il minimale nello stile ma contemporanea nelle forme; adatta per fondersi con il paesaggio, senza disturbarne i dintorni.

Soprannominata la Casa Neiling II, è composta totalmente da vetro e legno, tra cui una bella...

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