Anyone who ever climbed a tree as a kid knows how exhilarating it feels when you get five, ten, twenty plus feet up in a big oak or elm. It’s really like nothing else. No wonder tree houses are so popular among kids – it extends that feeling of floating for that much longer. Entices you into thinking you could live there forever. Well, with this Floating Cabin by Snohetta, you may technically could.

This stunning home looks, from far away, like it is simply floating among the pine trees in the Swedish forest. In fact, this two bedroom cabin sits on top of 12 poles and rises nearly 32 feet in the air. Visitors can make their way into this charred-pine clad room by walking up five flights of stairs. Once up in the cabin they’ll find the two beds are sunk into the floor, and that the interiors walls are either covered in birch plywood and ash wood, or are simply large floor-to-ceiling windows. One of those windows is intentionally directed northward so visitors can view the aurora borealis from the comfort of their high perch. For when the weather is somewhat more forgiving, visitors can make their way onto a netted terrace and simply lay back and look up at the stars. An incredible bit of work from Snohetta.

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