Land Ark Draper RV Cabin

At this point, just about everyone has heard of the tiny house trend — there are even multiple TV shows about it. And that makes it hard for individual homes to really stand out against the crowded arena. But it’s certainly not a problem for Land Ark and their remarkably gorgeous Draper tiny cabin.

Featuring an asymmetrical silhouette reminiscent of the best parts of mid-century design, this stunning towable tiny home is truly one of the best pre-fabs we’ve ever laid eyes upon. And that’s not just because of the stark contrast of its black exterior against the natural wood interior or even because it boasts a drawbridge-style collapsible hardwood deck. It’s also because there’s a full galley — with a deep stainless steel sink, two-burner stove, oven, and storage cabinetry — a fully-featured bathroom with a standalone shower, a dining area that transforms into a guest bed, and a large main sleeping loft. If you’re looking to downsize your living situation, there are few, if any ways to do it quite as classy and effectively as this.

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