El Boldo House By Sun Arquitectos

Ask a 2nd grader to draw you a house and they’ll likely sketch out something to this effect; a single box with a triangle on top. For the most part, we all retain this pretty basic idea of what a home should look like (though our ability to draw them likely improves). The team at Sun Arquitectos, however, have a much more radical vision – as is displayed by their El Boldo House.

Located in Zapallar Bay, Chile, the home rests on the side of a steep mountain and looks out over both the town below and the expanse of the South Pacific. The size of the building and its length make it seem more like a hangar or hotel rather than a home. It boasts thick stone walls that make up both levels of the home, along with a wide-open and airy feel that invites in the sights and sounds of the surrounding forest. This is thanks in large part to the tall steel and floor-to-ceiling windows located along the length of the home. The building includes a pool, a large open air patio, and multiple bedrooms.

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