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Hasta La Raíz | Down to the Root

Hispanic people make up the majority of US farmworkers, yet only 4% of farm owners are Hispanic.

Javier Zamora immigrated to the US from Mexico when he was a young man, worked in restaurants and bought a house for his family. When he lost the house and his job during the housing crisis, he decided to complete his high school diploma and go back to his farming roots. But at 43 years old, the prospect of owning his own farm seemed...

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🎂 Buon compleanno Venezia!

Oggi celebriamo il 1600° anniversario dalla fondazione della Città di #Venezia​ ❤️️🦁

🔸 Una Città che, fin dai tempi della Repubblica Serenissima, è Stato da Mar e Stato da Tera e che, in questo delicato equilibrio, si impegna per essere punto di riferimento per le nuove generazioni.

🔸 Una Città che in questi 1600 anni è diventata Patrimonio...

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The People of Climbing

A candid look at race and equity in the outdoor industry from the perspective of people of color attending the 2018 Color The Crag Festival in Steele Alabama. Please note and respect that the people interviewed shared their opinions and stories based on their own experiences in the outdoors.
Featuring "Up" by Earthgang

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Typologies of New York City: A Crowdsourced Hyperlapse

Classics are classic for a reason. We’ve all taken these photos. What happens when everything in the world has been photographed? From multiple angles, multiple times per day? Eventually we’ll piece those photos and videos together to be able to see the entire history of a location from every possible angle.

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