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How a Zippo Lighter is made

How a Zippo Lighter is made - BRANDMADE.TV 80 --- years and counting, and the Zippo is a pocket wonder still proudly made in Bradford, Pennsylvania. The Zippo classic lighter is one of the most recognizable pieces of American culture all around the world. The signature click has been heard in movies, in the trenches of war, and out on the streets today. How is this tiny wonder made?

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Carhartt, as we all know, didn’t start out the streetwear staple that it is today. Far from it, it was (and largely still is) worn by blue collar men who worked in mines, toiled on train tracks, and pulled black gold from oil fields. This title from Rizzoli traces this unlikely evolution of with a collection of text and more than 350 images – some previously unreleased.

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