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Nike x Chance The Rapper - We The People

dir Hiro Murai
dp Larkin Seiple
prod Jason Cole
ad Jesse Fleece
prod design Eric Archer
nyc unit dir Miles Jay
nyc unit dp Kevin Phillips
edit Luke Lynch
agency W+K NY
by Doomsday Ent

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When a classic gets an update, it’s hard not to pay attention. Especially when it is something like Red Wing Heritage’s old school 8830 work boots.

These things were modeled after the 877, a boot first released way back in 1953. After hitting the market, it became a favorite among hunters and blue collar laborers alike. Now, well over 50 years later, the work boot is not only still popular, but it is getting a slight update...

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A film chronicling the summer games of the artist-based, women's basketball team "downtowngirlsbball" in Chinatown, New York.
Directed by Elena Parasco

vimeo video urbanlife girls basketball downtown nyc hotstuffstores adidas nike alberto petenà jesolo lido basico venezia


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