There’s a reason why some of our country’s most picturesque regions are free from monstrous Hilton hotels and commercialized strip malls. It’s because these areas are protected and preserved against development that would otherwise destroy these landscapes. However, that means accessibility and lodging options are in fact limited for those looking for an extended stay. Enter Collective Retreats. It’s luxurious camping at its finest, with locations in several of our nation’s most beautiful landscapes.

Picture spending the weekend at a campsite fit for a king. Complete with breathtaking views of the local scenery, 1,500 thread count Egyptian sheets, an over-bed chandler, and personal chefs delivering locally sourced farm-to-table feasts for the entire group. It’s all part of each exquisite package, with locations in Sonoma, Vail, Yellowstone, Hudson Valley in New York, and the Texas Hill Country. From a refined wine-infused stay to authentic ranch scenery and flavors, Collective Retreats is your window into the freedom of America’s frontier lifestyle but with a modern twist.

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