Fresh from the Deus Ex Machina Temple of Enthusiasm workshop based out of Indonesia, here’s a little street tracker the boys built to help them zip around Canggu with a surfboard at the ready. The fastest and quickest ride around? Not exactly. But this nifty 1974 Honda C70 sure looks damn good trekking through the Indonesian paradise don’t you think?

As mentioned above, the “Sea Sider” as it’s now called, started its journey though the Deus workshop as a Honda C70. However, to give the bike some extra power in the saddle they decided to replace the stock engine with that of a ’95 Honda Astra; thus breathing new life into this former scooter. The handlebars, front lights, and the front basket were all sourced from a vintage supplier from a neighboring island while a custom metal frame now features wooden slats for that ideal throwback surf vibe. The exhaust was also handmade, as were the surf racks, custom leather seat, and newly-imported rims from Japan nicely round things out. It’s quite honestly the perfect build for hucking around a picturesque island in the tropics.

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