The Toyota Land Cruiser FJ45LV was quite the coveted vehicle back in the day. And with only a thousand models ever imported into the US, it’s easy to understand why. So when the team over at The FJ Company heard that one of these models was alive and kicking in the US, they jumped on the opportunity to restore it.

The build still hosts the original F engine and transmission while featuring a Capri Blue and White paint combination. As you would probably imagine the FJ had a bit of rust to contend with so The FJ Company hooked the truck up with a fresh nut and bolt combination. It hosts a hard-top body and grey interior adding a touch of class to the finished product as well. Unfortunately, the Toyota was reserved before the restoration was ever completed by a gentleman in Dubai so it looks like one less FJ45LV will be available in the US. In response, we’ll be keeping an eye on The FJ Company for future builds instead. Wishful thinking can be quite powerful.

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