With a zip-up main compartment, semi-concealed outer pocket for everything you need to half-conceal and a recycled truck tarp shell for protection against water and mud, our new F553 LOU is predestined to be your unofficial companion at all open-air festivals.

But nobody needs an extra bag just for the two, three or 15 most beautiful weekends of the year. So, what makes F553 LOU the F-estival bag for all year round are the people it's made for. Because it's for anyone whose life only gets going upward of 100 decibels. For anyone who's up for anything except private circles and who gets effortless admission to the backstage area anywhere. And for all of those who seek out the mosh pit in any crowd, prefer encores to extras and think of a midnight snack out on the town with mates as a street food festival. F553 LOU is designed for all those young women who can turn everyday grayness into a party.

Female Trouble Small

The small-size shoulder bag made of recycled truck tarps for single songwriters, mud groupies and open-air divas everywhere
With zip-up main compartment, two inner pockets, a loop for your key ring and a semi-concealed outer pocket for all your half-concealed secrets

Technial Information Dimensions:310 × 200 × 80 mm 12.2 × 7.8 × 3.1 inch (l × w × h) Volume:3.5 liters Design:Freitag Bros., 2016 Launch:June 30, 2016


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