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Music | The 501® Jean: Stories of an Original

Levi’s® presents the fifth episode of The 501® Documentary, a film celebrating the 501® Jean.

Episode 5: Music explores the relationship between music and the 501® Jean. Beginning in the 1950s, rockabilly musicians started wearing their 501® Jeans on stage. Today it’s hard to find a musician who doesn’t wear Levi’s. This film explores the power of music and the impact of the 501® Jean on subcultures throughout...

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Nike x Chance The Rapper - We The People

dir Hiro Murai
dp Larkin Seiple
prod Jason Cole
ad Jesse Fleece
prod design Eric Archer
nyc unit dir Miles Jay
nyc unit dp Kevin Phillips
edit Luke Lynch
agency W+K NY
by Doomsday Ent

we the people chance the rapper rap hotstuffstores nike alberto petenà jesolo lido basico music venezia hot stuff

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